The Process

This process was designed to serve women's liberation as a vehicle for global transformation. Not as a peak experience of healing but rather as a living, breathing, path created in you, expressed through you, to benefit us all.


"A dame that knows the ropes can never be tied up."

Mae West

Did You Tame Yourself to Get Love and Approval?

Societal programming was meant to dis-empower you from embodying your most authentic self. Together we will identify and clear energetic patterns interfering with divine truth, love and flow. We'll pull out the energetic weeds growing in your garden and cut down the dead vines protecting your heart. 


We are not here to save you or school you. You do not need to abdicate your authority to anyone else ever again. You are the author of your own juicy story. You get to write it, breathe it and live it your way! NOW!

I see you woman!


You have been honoring your moon cycle, setting moon intentions, saying your prayers and realizing a deep connection to something more. You have been tasting your power your whole life and you're ready to access it fully to serve others! 

Young girls, females all over the world are worthy and deserving of your presence, your truth, your lessons, your art and your stories.


What are you waiting for?

This work isn’t just personal, it’s collective because it heals the inter-generational rope burns all humans are experiencing.

"What might it be like to raise our daughters so they do not have to waste a lifetime undoing the toxic indoctrination that most of us endured?"

Trista Hendren

To Reclaim Your Voice in a Culture That Thrives

From Your Silence is The Greatest F*ck You Ever!

What did you come for?

Don't leave without getting it.

This process will help you to:

Undo conditioning and indoctrination from colonizer, oppressive systems, both systemically and socially.


Tell shame and guilt to F'CK off and never look back.


Shed layers of programming and marketing that told you weren't good enough and that something is wrong with you.


Tap into and trust your intuition, discern what's true for you, get clear on what makes you happy and brings more joy.


Discover that magic runs on your sheer electric desires, NOT on 'niceness' or self-righteousness.


Fall so madly in love with yourself that you will ALWAYS choose Her first, no matter what. 

Starla Diana

Starla Jungle Plant Background.jpg

Allow me to be your mirror as you go through this process. I will work with you, Goddess, helping spirits, angels, ascended masters to engage the higher self, the subconscious mind and energetic body so you can identify the stories or the energetic patterns operating that either serve your well-being or cause disease. 

I am an artist, mother, lover, and initiated Earthkeeper. I am also a 500ryt yoga teacher, permaculture designer, and medicine woman. The work will include shamanic, somatic, and yogic techniques infused with energy healing and spiritual support. I facilitate inner child and sacred rage work which are both dear to my heart and are great tools for women setting themselves free.

Through ritual, ceremony, music, making love and creating sacred art, I find peace within and a willingness to be present more.

"I show myself to know myself."

"Despite the cultural communication that I was inferior to a male, somewhere deep within I knew what I had to say, my contribution, my vision was important and held great power."

I have had the pleasure of practicing and studying with the following teachers which I hold great gratitude for and highly recommend:

Adyashanti -

Snatum Kaur -

Sandra Ingerman -


Unleashing Her ripped my masks off, shed the illusions of false narratives and set my whole world ablaze, burning bridges left and right. It was challenging to stay present in the chaos but that was part of the jedi training.


It meant slowing down, taking more time in between, listening to inner wisdom and instinct. I discovered an inherent power, an ancient wisdom, that had always been with me but had been suppressed. 


Creating a daily practice through ritual saved my life. It kept me grounded and centered. It varied in time, length and format but usually included stretching, breathing mindfully, eating well, mantra, and movement.

Leaning into a practice and devotion to something bigger than myself offered me the courage to dig myself out of devastating programming and find my own joy.


Now I can show up authentically, without the bullshit programming, to work with other women, for women's liberation. Its an honor!

Thank you for being here,