A Ritualistic Journey of Self-Love


Starlesque is an electric experience to activate

female power and turn on your starlight!

Dramatic Dance

"Your creative power is a gift that when owned and harnessed can rock your world and I am here to support you on that journey."

Starlesque is a dance style infused with

tantra-based, yogic techniques to:

Sync up with Gaia and tap into Her rhythm


Discover your sensuality


Invoke your inner creative muse


Connect with your STARlight


Play with your muse, waves of movements, & explore undulations


Feel into the safety of sisterhood.


It is your birthright to shine boldly!

It's time to break taboos, take back your POWER & set yourself FREE!

During our time together we will begin with stretching out the body and awakening the senses. We will utilize breath-work, meditation and visualizations to support our inner awareness and then build skills to boost confidence as we develop our own unique femme-fatal style of dance. We will provide a safe space for women to own their unique expression and explore new sensations that can reveal the unlimited potential of our bodies. We will also learn a choreographed piece to perform together.

Her Starlesque.PNG

 "I want to empower women with movement, to break free from stagnation, to dance in a divine way, that will rattle and SHAKE the Earth, through our feet, from our hearts, with the sway of our hips and thrust of our pelvises!

Our bodies are the medicine!   


Starla is an artist, storyteller and the founder of Starlesque. She is an initiated earth tribe member and passionately engaged with ritual, ceremony, song, dance and evocation of Divine Feminine energy. She blends these passions with yoga and meditation into a transformational experiences. She has been performing in musical theater and practicing yoga since her youth. A deep transmission evolved through years of study, daily meditations, satsangs and silent intensives. She is called to initiate and illuminate women's power to create community and affect global change. She has combined all these facets of experience to create a unique experience for women to develop inner power and connect with the creative muse within.



Play Time!

A container for upliftment, fun and joy.


Playful Elixirs & Tinctures

Invigorating Yoga 

Dance Choreography


Ecstatic Dance Party

$79 per Female (5 minimum) for 3 hours



Honey in the Heart

Sacred Space.

 A container for women to connect, express, and feel held. 

A Cacao Ritual 

Gentle Yoga Practice

Embodiment Practices

Dance Choreography

Sacred Group Prayerformance

$79 per Female (5 minimum) for 3 hours



Unleashing Her

Erotic Power!

An experience that unleashes your inner muse & femme-fatal.

Sexy Elixirs

Yoga Practice

Embodiment Practices

Dance Choreography & Improve

Sacred Group Prayerformance

Group Final Performance Video Download

$129 per Female (5 minimum) for 5 hours

Bridal Initiation

You're getting married!!

Three ceremonies to honor the transition into marriage.

Love Elixirs & Tinctures

Cacao Ceremony

Gentle Movement

Annointing Ceremony

Initiation Ceremony

Blessing Ceremony

Bridal Dance

$179 per Female (5 minimum) 5 hours



Book Starla to perform at your event.

Email for details.